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Get on the First Page of Google's Search Engine!

Get on the first page of Google's search engine!

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                                                                                                  Bank Wire Tranfers Accepted                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


                     U.S. Metro Package Rates                                                                           


                        "The Revenue Generator"  

             All Inclusive LARGE Metro Package

                                      (Population of Metro Area Above 250k to 750,000)

                                     (Up to) 6 Key Word Search Phrases.

                                                         up to 20  Video Postings

              4.0 Million Cumulative Search Engine Results (per phrase)     

                                                  1 City (Town).                           

                     Includes production of a 60 sec. video/slide show  

                        No Monthly Maintenance Fees or other charges          


                                      $11,895.00 up One Time Charge - 12 months

                                            (Population Metro Above 250,000)

                                           Includes Video / Slide Show Production

        Video Production, Video insertion INCLUDED (Voice Over & Script Writing Extra)

       Optional STATE WIDE Exclusive, 1 Search phrase (up to 10 mil.) $3900.00 up

                                    *Add On Keyword Phrases are $3,500 each & up.

         National - Global Video Search Engine Optimization is Avaialable.                                  

                                                 At Custom  Rates.




     Custom Packages can be Tailored to fit YOUR Specific Needs.

                           *Add On Keyword Phrases are $2,500 each & up . 

                 All Packages begin from the time key word phrases are posted on the search engines,

                 not at time of registration.  

                 Production of videos and postings to the Internet can take 6 t0 12 weeks (or less),

                 from time of registration depending upon our work load.

                 Our Guarantee to you, our valued client:

                 Here's our guarantee to you; we will do everything in our power and technical ability to

                 boost your key word search phrases and videos to the FIRST PAGE of Google search results.

                 If after reaching the first page of Google for the first time, sustaining position for at least 2 weeks,

                 your key word listing and video result should slip from the first page for more than a week,

                 we will give you credit for the amount of time that the particular search phrase was off of the

                 first page of Google search results.

                 We will extend the length of your program for that search phrase only, equaling the same amount of time                  

                 the search phrase was off of the first page.

                 If in the unlikely event we are NOT able to reach the first page of Google with a particular search phrase,

                 we will pro rate the cost of that particular phrase and offer you full credit toward another search phrase

                 that falls into the same category of your program and type of business or law practice.                             





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